Choose To Unlock Cyber

Cyber Security protects systems, networks, devices and data from attack. In the digital world we live, the need for protection has never been greater – and the career opportunities in the sector are huge. 

There is a need to excite and engage young people to better understand and explore these opportunities. Unlock Cyber was created in 2018 to bring together employers, professional bodies, education providers and academia across the West of England region. Working collectively, we create, raise awareness and deliver cyber activities, resources and events for young people (age 11+) to help meet future skills needs. 

 Our aim is to be diverse and represent the region’s demographic.

We’re proudly supported by a growing number of organisations including the following who are actively involved in the project.

Our partners

Our vision

Building a diverse future workforce with the right cyber skills across South West England.

Why Unlock Cyber?


Cyber Security skills are in demand across every industry in every country – by choosing a career in cyber you have the potential to work on a global scale with people from all around the world


Careers in Cyber attract every kind of person – from the techies, to the strategists, to the leaders – Cyber is a growing inclusive industry


Cyber is a career and skill-set that will grow each day as the threats change – there’s always more to do


There’s an incredible community around Cyber in the UK and by choosing Cyber as a career you’re opening up a world of new people and new experiences – and the pay is pretty good too