Project Description

Courses, Clubs & Challenges


CyberFirst will be delivering virtual online courses over the summer. The courses are carefully designed to bring out every student’s potential. You will delve into how everyday technology really works; how the systems and software that surround us are connected to each other; how information flows through networks; and how we can take sensible steps to protect our digital world.

All the courses are Instructor led in virtual classrooms; over 2 weeks in either morning or afternoon structured sessions; available with guest speakers from industry and government; SQA and NCSC Certified.

Ages and Course Dates

CyberFirst Defenders: 14-15 years; 2 course dates: 03-14 August + 17-28 August

CyberFirst Futures: 15-16 years; 2 course dates: 20-31 July + 03-14 August

CyberFirst Advanced: 16-17 years; 3 course dates: 08-19 June + 22 June-3 July + 06-17 July


Cyber4Summer is a joint initiative between cutting-edge cyber training provider Immersive Labs and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA).

Cyber4Summer’s aim is to provide a safe, fun and legal environment where young people can learn and develop cybersecurity skills. Cyber4Summer consists of over 100 labs of various skill levels, where you can learn some of the core skills for a range of jobs including Cyber Investigator, Digital Forensics Expert and Network Security Analyst.

These could be your first steps on a pathway to a computer science-related qualification or a well-paid job in the tech industry.

Cyber4Summer offers challenging labs for all abilities, whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced cyber student

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Cyber Discovery – Virtual Cyber School

Cyber Discovery has launched a Virtual Cyber School where you can gain access to over 200 free cyber security challenges and learn from experts and the Virtual Cyber School. You can also gain access to the CyberStart game until August 2020. CyberStart is part of the HM Government’s online, extracurricular programme turning teenagers across the country into cyber security experts. Students can take part on their own or as part of a Cyber Discovery club. There are four stages to take part in, which get more difficult as you grow your skills.

Ages and Course Dates

Age: 13 – 18 years

Dates: The 4 stages start in September and run through to August each year

Cyber Security Challenge UK

They run CyberCenturion, which is a national competition for teams (4 students per team). It’s a fun and engaging way of learning cyber skills whilst competing for prizes.

Ages and Course Dates

Age: 12-14 and 15-18 years

Dates: Annual competition starting in October (4 rounds including a practice round)

Girls Who Code Clubs

Girls Who Code Clubs are free programmes that get girls excited about coding and computer science. Clubs can run before, during or after-school, on weekends or over the summer. Girls can engage in fun and simple online coding tutorials, build community through interactive activities, learn about inspiring role models in tech, and work together to design solutions to real-world problems facing their communities.

Ages and Course Dates

Age: 11-18 years


CoderDojo is a community of over 2250 free, open and local programming clubs for young people.

Anyone aged seven to seventeen can visit a Dojo where you can learn to code, build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment.

Ages and Course Dates

Age: 7 -17 years

Cyber Security Activity Kit

With this activity kit, parents, teachers and other guardians have some concrete tools to help teach their children about online safety and security in a fun and engaging way. It consists of a workbook with puzzles and games, a poster and a video module featuring KnowBe4’s security awareness hero Captain Awareness, making it suitable for younger people. “By offering these tools at no-cost, we hope to open the dialogue between children and their parents or teachers about the real threats that exist online today.”

Ages and Course Dates

Available for all ages